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This page mostly, but not solely, contains information relating to the Inkpen W.I. There is a considerable amount of information to be scanned and it remains a slow process. This page will continually be updated as items become available, so keep an eye on it.

Inkpen Books

Inkpen Saga by Miss Julia White (1982) Manor Farm, Inkpen, was run between 1941 and 1955 by Miss Julia White, originally from Burley, Hampshire, and Miss Doris Mason of Shalbourne. The records kept by Miss White form an unusually detailed account of farming in Berkshire during and immediately after World War II. The farm was mixed, with cattle, horses, geese and pigs, and cultivated fields.
The Days That Were Book by E A Martin
Inkpen Yesterday by E A Martin
Inkpen remembered E A Martin(1994)
Inkpen a village history G Timmins (2010) Unpublished document / SWB148379
Berkshire Heritage Gateway

Women's Institute

Founder WI members

WI Minutes of Committee Meetings 1974

WI Scrapbook 1965 - 50MB file size
(Large page size 30 x 55cm, h x w)

Golden Jubilee WI Scrapbook 1979

Golden Jubilee leters


The Black Legend - Film - 1948 by John Schlesinger and Alan Cooke
Newbury Weekly News Clip - 24th Feb 2011 - A3 pdf file
Black Legend original programme
Black Legend production Diary

Australia. Hopetown link with Inkpen 1940

When I fell through the Ice in 1945, by Christopher Hall

Inkpen Youth Club Minutes 1975 to 1985

Videos from 1985 and 2022

Newspaper clips 1856 to 1939

Newspaper clips 2009 to 2015

Crocus Field Press clip - Newbury Weekly News - 2011

Scrapbook for the 2020 pandemic

Inkpen in the Covid-19 year, and the timeline.

2020 Copies of the Inkpen bulletin - Copy for these was greatly reduced as activities were banned or limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The April and May editions are combined into a single edition.

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An Inkpen 2020's year of Nature - A look Back
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