The sounds of Inkpen

spoken memories

Inkpen Audio Tape of 1975

The history group have digitised and present here audio tracks produced from the 1975 tape recording. These are shown here as mp3 tracks.

For clarity, the name Inkpen is derived from two  saxon words 'inge' and 'penne', meaning hilltop enclosure. The name Ingepenne appears in a charter of 935AD. It has nothing to do with a lady called 'Inga'.

Click on the following tracks to play them individually.

1)   Combe Gibbet and Inkpen Beaker
2)   Pottery
3)   The Sawmills and the Edwards Family
4)   Weaving and Puddlewharf Cottage
5)   Bert Annett
6)   Gen. Channing-Williams
7)   Lillian Watts and Inkpen Common
8)   The Black Legend
9)   Inkpen School
10) St Michael's Church
11) Honor Goodhart and Inkpen WI
12) John Marriott
13) Acknowledgements

An interview with Joyce Uprichard - recorded by Mrs Anne Wilson in 2010
Audio Track (1hr 14min)

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Reuben Annetts (1876) audio file, image (1, 2)
Annett, Reuben (b.1876, male, retired blacksmith and agricultural engineer). Here, Reuben talks about his role as the local pig-killer. Inglewood (just to the north of Inkpen), Kintbury (just to the northeast), West Woodhay (just to the southeast), Ham (just to the west) and Coombe (just to the southwest) are all nearby villages. Newbury is a town to the east of Inkpen and Hungerford a town to the northwest.

Working Conditions in the late 19th Century audio file

Cattle Farming in the early 20th Century audio file